Welcome to the KINDNESS KEYS project
The Campaign for Kindness:   The Bad Manners Monsters and The Kindness Keys

Goals: Promote Civility by giving children the tools (the three KINDNESS KEYS) to be able to learn self-governance (self-control) to say “no” to bullying, stealing, complaining, litter, and bad attitudes. It is a strong crime and gang prevention project.

The new children’s book, The Bad Manners Monsters and the Kindness Keys is a delightful allegory, where children learn how the 3 “Kindness Keys” – the “Kind Attitude Key,” the “Kind Words Key, and the “Kind Actions Key”  can help us all capture and lock up the Bad Manners Monsters that are invading our homes and our communities.

The Kindness Keys Project is a great way to help your family, school, church or temple, or community group celebrate National Manners and Character Month in October… and all year long.

Parents and Public School Teachers, here is an overview letter for you!

Churches, here is an overview letter for you, with ideas for your families

Here are some fun ideas to help you do the Kindness Keys Project:

  1. Cut out, color and laminate the three Kindness Keys. Take them with you wherever you go, so you will always be ready to capture and lock up the Bad Manners Monsters if they get near you.
  2. Read the storybook, “The Bad Manners Monsters and the Kindness Keys” (purchase from Amazon – soft cover or e-book)
  3. Sing the song, “The Bad Manners Monsters” from the Manners Lady CD, “It’s Fun to Have Good Manners.”  Sound Tracts / Performance available
  4. Host your own Kindness Concert – your children or students can be the STARS. (You can request the background music to sing along with for your performance)
  5. Invite Judi The Manners Lady to perform The Kindness Concert for you and to help kick off your Kindness Keys Project, or for National Manners Month.   
  6. Have a coloring contest of “The Bad Manners Monsters” and offer a prize for the most colourful “Messy Bessy” or “Grouchy Rouchy.” Children can be encouraged to invent their own “Bad Manners Monsters.”
  7. Play Bad Manners Monsters Frozen Tag.  (The person who is “IT” pretends to be one of the Bad Manners Monsters.  He/she must “tag” someone before they yell out one of the Five Fabulous Phrases (Please, Thank you, You’re Welcome, Excuse me, and I’m Sorry—will you forgive me?)
  8. Cut out the Bad Manners Monsters Finger Puppets. Children write and perform a little play / skit how the kindness of Fuzzy Wuzzy Heart™ (our kindness) can chase the Bad Manners Monsters away – and lock them up!
  9. Print up your own “Bad Manners Monsters Buster” Card and sign the card. Now you can capture and lock up the Bad Manners Monsters too!
  10. Cut out the “Make Me Feel Special” sign.  Imagine that everyone that you meet is wearing a giant, invisible sign around their neck that says, “Make Me Feel Special.” Imagining this sign around people’s necks will remind you to honor them and show gratitude to your mother, father, brother, sister, grandma and grandpa, teacher, friends at school, etc. Remember to be kind and respectful.
  11. Cut out and color “Fuzzy Wuzzy Heart!” He will remind you to show kindness with your helping hands and feet, your happy smile, and especially your happy eyes.  Take Fuzzy Wuzzy Heart and your 3 Kindness Keys with you wherever you go!
  12. Download FREE resources for your Kindness Keys events:                                                     
    a) The Kindness Keys logo
    b) The Kindness Keys bookmark
    c) The Official Bad Manners Busters Card
    d) The 6 Bad Manners Monsters Coloring sheets
    e)  The 6 Bad Manners Monsters COLOR Posters
    f)  The 6 Bad Manners Monsters FINGER PUPPETS (Color and black & white)
    g) Fuzzy Wuzzy Heart
    h) “Make Me Feel Special” Heart
    i) letter to public schools and parents (add hyper link to PDF letter) re: Hosting the Kindness Keys Project
    k) letter to churches re: Hosting the Kindness Keys Project
    m) lyrics to the Bad Manners Monsters song
    n) Music sheet for The Bad Manners Monsters song
    o) Coloring Sheet: Send the Bad Manners Monsters to Jail
    p) Kindness Keys Activity Page (cut out and colour)