William Wilberforce,19th Century British Member of Parliament, Abolitionist

“God Almighty has set before me two great objects,
the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.”

Greg Strom, Music Producer, Vancouver

“My son loves Judi’s CD. After 3 days, we noticed amazing changes in his behavior! He was obeying ‘right away without delay” and he said, ‘Look mom! I’m wearing my ‘happy eyes!’ not my ‘mean eyes’! He also started setting the table because he loved the story of the Princess Spoon and the Evil Mr. Fork. But the highlight was when Lucas asked, “Is there anything else you would like me to do?’

The Boston Globe

”Judi stresses life skills and values such as respect,
empathy and self-confidence.”

Mark Earley, Prison Fellowship (Former)

If more people would learn what Judi is teaching, we’d have fewer teens
in trouble and fewer people in jail.”

Armande LeBarge, Police Chief, York

“I had a great time at Judi’s concert – and stayed till the very end!  If everyone did what Judi is teaching, I’d be out of a job!
Her work is important to the future of our country and our society.”  Armand La Barge, Chief of Police, York Regional Police

David Spady, Salem Radio Network

Judi The Manners Lady has a gift for reaching children.  Her contagious joy and exciting music inspires children to honor their parents, respect their elders and live by The Golden Rule as they learn the vital social skills they need to be first-class citizens. My three kids loved Judi’s music.  Her CD was worn out between our car and home.  Every school, church and home with young children will love The Manners Lady!

Zig Ziglar, International Motivational Speaker

“The Manners Lady comes along at the right time with the right information. In a loving,
exciting and inspirational way, she “sells” manners, then teaches them! It’s good stuff! I wish Judi and her music had been around when my kids were growing up, but I’m going to make sure all my grandchildren learn from her! Judi’s CD needs to be in every home in North America!”

Dr. Ted Baehr, Chairman, Movieguide

“Judi Vankevich aka The Manners Lady, is influencing the next generation through her Civility Project and her powerful Manners Lady programs. In a winsome, attractive, fun and exciting way using music, visuals and mnemonic devices, she is helping young children (and adults!) learn the powerful principle of civilized living. Bravo! Every school and family needs her material!”

Dr. Smiley Blanton, Renowned Psychiatrist

Renowned Psychiatrist Smiley Blanton noted, “80% of my patients would not be in
my office if their parents had taught them manners—
how to get along in society.”