Never Better: Proud to be American

Enjoy the patriotic story of Fred–inspired by a true story. Fred came to his new country and embraced all that America had to offer. He worked hard at school, sang his new national anthem with pride, and helped other immigrants learn English too. See how Fred’s “never better” positive attitude helped him overcome many obstacles so that he was able to remind others that America is a land of opportunity and freedom. Along with the book, Never Better Fred: Proud to be American, you can enjoy these other activities that will help you promote gratitude for our freedoms and patriotism.

Here are some fun ideas for your “Proud to be an American” Action Project :

  1. Read the patriotic picture book, “Never Better Fred: Proud to be American”  (coming soon) 
  2. Help “Fred” find all the SYMBOLS of AMERICA found on the back page of the Never Better Fred book and hidden throughout the book.  Do a project on one of those symbols.  Look them up on the internet and learn more about their history and what they represent.
  3. Download your FREE patriotic “Proud to be American” citizenship card (print front and back) Read the Pledge and sign the card.
  4. Download “Proud to be American” citizenship cards (10 up) front and back for teachers
  5. Sing the National Anthem with pride.  Stand tall and hold your head high and hold your right hand over your heart.  Smile as you sing, because you live in a land of freedom and opportunity.  
  6. Write a letter of gratitude to someone in your community who works hard to serve you and keep you safe: your Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Elected Officials. 
  7. Write a paragraph or short story about what your dream is in America.  What would you like to do to make a difference in your community and nation.
  8. Discuss with your family and classmates:
    • What are you grateful for?
    • What can you do to bless someone else?
  9. Host Judi The Manners Lady’s patriotic Citizenship Concert