Celebrate “National Manners & Kindness Month” – October

TAKE ACTION – Your family, school, church, or community can celebrate National Manners and Kindness Month!

Can you imagine what our nation could be like if for one month each year, everyone focused on good manners—

  • respect & kindness
  • The Golden Rule
  •  And gratitude?

People would be polite and considerate of other people and their property—no crime or road rage, no school yard bullying, nor harassment in the office. American families would be strengthened as children learn to honor and respect their parents and elders and to be kind to each other.

Everyone—from the President, Governors, Mayors and City Councillors, to business owners, coaches, teachers, parents, grandparents, teenagers, service and community groups, and churches would focus on kindness and good character!  Police chiefs across the country agree that focusing on manners and respect is a positive and proactive way of dealing with crime.

It’s all about our character.  As proud and grateful Americans, let’s choose to live with kindness, manners and character to strengthen families, build safer communities, stronger America and a better world. Let’s celebrate National Manners & Kindness Month… all year long!

Here are some ideas and resources to help you celebrate National Manners and Kindness Month:

  1. Share the brochure with your schools, athletic teams and businesses.
  2. Share the RESPECT PLEDGES
    • What are you grateful for?
    • What can you do to bless someone else?
    • What are you grateful for?
    • What can you do to bless someone else?
  3. Ask your Governor, Mayor, School Principal / PTA to celebrate National Manners & Kindness Month (See Utah)
  4. Cut out and glue the 3D Respect Diamond
  5. Sing the National Anthem with pride.  Stand tall and hold your head high and hold your right hand over your heart.  Smile as you sing, because you live in a land of freedom and opportunity.  
  6. Print the Good Manners Pledge for Children
  7. Print the Good Manners Pledge for PreSchools.