Alexandra Hudson

Alexandra Hudson has a vision for restoring civility to America. She is passionate about the way that ideas and storytelling can change people’s lives. She is an award-winning writer based in Indianapolis, currently working on a book on civility and American civic renewal, and is guiding the American Civility Project.

She earned a Masters degree in Social Policy at the London School of Economics as a Rotary Scholar, and has served at the local, state and federal levels of government and public policy—most recently holding an appointment at the US Department of Education.

Now a full-time writer, speaker, and consultant, she has appeared on Fox News and contributes to The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, POLITICO Magazine, The Washington Examiner, and other national outlets.

Judi Vankevich
Executive Director

Judi Vankevich, best known and loved as “Judi The Manners Lady” is passionate about inspiring children, teens and parents to live with civility, character, kindness and helping families become stronger and schools and communities become safer and more fun.

As an author, singer and inspirational speaker, Judi’s shares her “Manners Lady” Kindness Concerts and Multicultural Friendship programs at schools and communities empowering the next generation with the “attitudes, words and actions” that are vital for successful relationships in families, schools, athletics, business and society. Her award-winning CD, “It’s Fun to Have Good Manners” along with her Manners Club Character Kit, has been instrumental in transforming thousands of children’s lives, strengthening families and creating more peaceful and civil atmospheres at schools across North America and around the world. Her upcoming “31 Days to a Great Mannered Kid” and Manners Matter & Character Counts” are quickly becoming valuable tools for families and schools around the world. Her newest book for children, “The Bad Manners Monsters and the Kindness Keys” and her song, “The Bad Manners Monsters” are the theme for the new “The Campaign for Kindness.” She is also a popular keynote speaker for conferences and corporations. Judi was awarded her masters degree in Law and Government from Regent University and her Bachelors degree in Business and Political Science from Trinity Western University. Judi’s concert / program themes include: multicultural hospitality, anti bullying, character, leadership, emotional and social learning, empathy, inclusion, and kindness.

As Founder and President of the not for profit Civility Project, Judi is partnering with community and government leaders along with teachers, parents, coaches and students to inspire practical ways of being intentional in choosing to live with manners and character. This exciting grassroots movement is catching fire in communities across the nation as people experience the cultural transformation that comes from choosing to live with civility, character, truth, and kindness.

Wendy Schade

As Director of The American Civility Project (ACP), Wendy’s passion for history and liberty inspires all who experience her workshops and presentations.

Wendy brings a rich and diverse background to the ACP. As a presenter for the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Wendy has taught many about the foundations of liberty. She is also the founder of Greater Freedom, ornaMEANTs™ and exSALTationsTM where vital life principles are being taught to young and old alike, so they can lead more productive and fulfilling lives. Wendy formerly served as a lead for SALT, the Christian Network at American Express and once even facilitated an all-day workshop for “Take Our Children to Work Day” that was so captivating, some parents chose not to leave! Wendy received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois.